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This is where I share decades of Supply Chain and Logistics knowledge with those still on the career path!

After 35 years in the supply chain business, I’m excited to be bringing you this new offering from the Logistics Bureau Group. Let me explain with some background.

Back in 1993 I moved to Sydney from London after 20 years in senior supply chain and logistics roles. Eager to help companies with their own challenges, in 1997 I co-founded the Logistics Bureau.

To make a long story short, after 1,200 client assignments across 23 countries we’ve been able to help clients save an astounding $1.87 billion while also helping them to measurably improve their supply chain performance.

Until now, much of this hard won knowledge has been supplied exclusively to our clients in the form of face-to-face consulting.

However, in order to help meet the needs of a much broader customer base, we’ve decided to package the depth of our experience into a series of six core services under the banner of Supply Chain Secrets.

As you’ll see, the six core services meet a wide range of needs from supply chain newcomers to seasoned professionals.

And to be clear, one of our core aims with Supply Chain Secrets is to also address the needs of non-supply chain professionals from other disciplines such as finance, engineering, HR, IT, procurement, etc. who find themselves needing to interact more effectively with those in supply chain.

Everybody likes a secret. I just happen to like sharing them—at least the ones that will shorten your supply chain learning curve, save you grief, save your business money, and accelerate your career.

I’d be honoured if you’d let ‘my pain (from lots of honest but painful mistakes over the years) be your gain’ as you embark on your own supply chain journey with the help of Supply Chain Secrets.

All the best,
Rob O’Byrne




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